Metal detectable & X-Ray VisibleFood Safe Detectable Safety Knives
Plastic Sheet & Packaging Cutter SK126

Food Safe Detectable Plastic Sheet Cutter

The perfected ergonomics and the completely overhauled blade change make the new SK126 an ideal upgrade from the SK100 and SK101.

Metal detectable plastic - metal detectable and especially suited to companies and sectors processing sensitive materials such as the food industry. Even the tiniest fragment of the knife can be traced before any contamination of your products takes place.

Safety first - The concealed blade and rounded nose reliably protects you and your products. Furthermore, the knife head has been significantly strengthened making it more robust and longer lasting.

Easy blade change - Another handling and safety benefit is the newly designed blade change. Simply lift up at the blade change button and remove the cover. You can then directly access the 4-cutting edge blade.

Perfect ergonomics - The new handle shape with the finger friendly contours fits like a glove. The preset cutting angle is also kind to the hand and arm helping you to position the knife for cutting.

Optimised blade section - The cutting channel is formed so that your detectable safety knife moves away the freshly cut material even faster. Diagonal cuts are also easier than ever to perform, requiring less effort for the cutting task.

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