Laser Marking, Etching, Cutting & EngravingFloor Scraper with
Stainless Steel Flexible Blade

Floor Scraper With Flexible Stainless Steel Blade

The Floor Scraper is a very efficient tool for removing process floor debris and caked on deposits with ease from concrete, tile and other hard floors. It is designed and made to be rigid and resilient when removing dried-on materials before cleaning on large flat surface areas.

To work efficiently the floor scraper needs to combine the right balance of rigidity and flexibility. The sharp and flexible stainless steel blade presents a close edge to lift the residue.

The high tensile stainless steel blade offers corrosion protection.
It can be replaced easily and quickly.

Comfortable and coated steel shaft provides firm working length 
Can be subject to high temperature hygienic cleaning

  • Light weight
  • Resilient
  • Dimensions : Length 1315mm (51.77")
  • Blade Length : 195mm (7.67")
  • Blade Width : 77mm (3")

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