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Automatic Overshoe Dispenser

Automatic Overshoe Dispenser

This product makes easy work of applying shoe covers hygienically before entering food production areas. Ideal for factories, hospitals, farms, veterinarians, building sites and cleanroom or laboratory environments that want to improve worker safety, compliance and eliminate cross-contamination.

The Detectamet Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser eliminates the need for your hands to go anywhere near your shoes at all. Covering a large variety of shoe sizes while maintaining a robust and reliable structure.

Refillable with Detectamet's Detectable Shoe Covers which are esy to load, increase efficiency by saving time and reduce the risk of accidents as traditionally the wearer would apply the shoe using both hands whilst balancing on one foot.

Also available is the brand new Stainless Steel Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser Guard. This product is ideal for protecting your Shoe cover dispenser and increasing longevity.

Dimensions of the stainless steel cover: 422mm (16 5/8"), 222mm (8 3/4"), 133mm (5 1/4")

Please contact our Sales Office on Tel +44 (0) 1759 304200 or email sales@detectamet.com for further information.

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Disclaimer: Detectamet recommend all products be tested in your environment to ascertain suitability and detection levels as this will vary in individual environments. How Detectable Are We. Information is supplied in good faith and without warranty. Detectamet products are not suitable for use in a microwave.