Food Safe Detectable Safety Knives - SK109

Food Safe Detectable Safety Knife

The SK109 has a unique patented valley, which guides the material to be cut directly along the surgical steel blade. As the valley deepens, the pressure is increased onto the blade, the cutting action is more effective, thus taking the strain off the operator and increasing overall efficiency.

The patented valley is totally unique in the field of Safety Knives.

  • Fully metal detectable
  • Hook and Blade punctures & box prevents damage to goods inside
  • Unique Vari Guard. Automatic spring loaded finger guards

Knives that have internal open spaces breed bacteria and open blades cause contamination if they draw blood. The majority of knives have carbon steel blades which rust and are removable. These may drop into the product or packaging.

The SK series SK106-112 range offers a choice of food contact approved, poly-propylene, Metal Detectable plastic Safety Knives with stainless steel blades.

The heavy duty metal detectable SK106 is a robust, versatile safety knife which features a number of new innovations.

Opposing slopes of the knife head create a plough effect and minimise friction resistance

The tapecutter is situated at the base of the handle allowing it to be used without changing your grip

Reduce the risk of accidents through blade changing by using this fixed blade Safety Knife. Eliminates danger from loose blades accidentally falling into merchandise.

materials to be cut under tension
Hook Blade and Cover Tape Cutter Option Tape Cutter


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