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Detectanet™ Hairnet With Neck Guard

Detectable Hairnet with Neck Guard

Detectamet Hairnets provide the perfect and economic solution to guarding food from contamination by stray hair and the organisms that it carries. Detectamet Hairnets should fully cover the wearer´s entire hairline and be worn below the ears. Reliance on headwear that does not cover all the hair is certainly unwise.

Detectamet's NEW range of Detectable Hairnets incorporate a unique 'Fold and Hold' technology which helps to contain hair, especially important for short hair. The technology allows the hairnet to expand and contract to hold both short and long hair and is excellent for encasing long hair.

Hygiene controls very much need to be seen to be in place and therefore our Detectamet Hairnets are produced in a range of highly visible colours

Please contact our Sales Office on Tel +44 (0) 1759 304200 or email sales@detectamet.com for further information.

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Disclaimer: Detectamet recommend all products be tested in your environment to ascertain suitability and detection levels as this will vary in individual environments. How Detectable Are We. Information is supplied in good faith and without warranty. Detectamet products are not suitable for use in a microwave.