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Test Pieces

Calibrating Your Detection System – Detectamet Test Pieces

Prior to and after installation of a detection system, testing is essential before processing environments can be considered to be operating under detectable protection. Metal and X-ray detection systems are very accurate, high tech and high specification instruments and there are many variables to consider to ensure detectability.
Some of the most common system variables are:

• Type of food or product
• Size
• Density
• Packaging
• Type of metal in the contaminant
• Speed and orientation of the metal
• Detector settings
• Sensitivity and age of the machine

Please ensure your on-site technical manager is familiar with variables such as these before calibrating your detection system.

Detectamet manufacture a fantastic range of Metal & X-Ray detector test pieces to assist in calibrating detection systems. We can also manufacture bespoke test pieces for your individual requirements.

For more information, please visit our website: https://metal-detectable-products.com/metal-detector-test-pieces/