New One Piece Fine Marker Reduces Food Contamination Risks

Detectamet’s new Fine Tip Marker Pens halve the chances of food contamination. They retract the nib to reduce ink drying and there is no loose cap to be lost in the food being processed. Made from detectable plastics that can be identified and rejected by standard automated inspection systems this retractable pen offers double protection to food processing businesses.

The design is based on the same world patented housing design of Detectamet’s popular broad tip Retractable Marker. A unique clam shell opens to expose the fibre nib to write. With one more click the tip is safely retracted and sealed to avoid drying ink.

This design helps to solve the challenge of physical contamination in food and drink processing where plastic contamination can trigger expensive product recalls.

It is proven to be robust, non-toxic and detectable by metal detection and X-ray inspection systems. The ink can write on a wide range of materials including board, metal, plastic paper and glass. The marker is made in Detectamet’s food contrasting blue plastic with a choice of four permanent inks – red, blue, green or black.

“Many of the users of our popular dual detectable marker pens have asked us if we can supply fine tip markers for writing on things like our detectable keyhole tags” said Leo Wild Detectamet’s Sales Manager

“One customer told me she liked the way our markers could write on most surfaces ‘when Detectamet says it’s permanent it really is.’ was how she put it”

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