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Local Business’s Record in Innovation is Recognised

Detectamet’s David Atkinson accepts the company’s award for innovation

Detectamet’s David Atkinson accepts the company’s award for innovation

Only one of the 30 finalists at the Hull and Humber Chamber of Commerce awards ceremony was picked out to receive the Judges Special Award for Innovation.

Detectamet Ltd of Pocklington was selected for its innovation in the design, manufacture and distribution of detectable products for the food industry.  These products help food manufacturers around the world to reduce the risk of food contaminated with plastic reaching the food consumer.

“In the past 12 months Detectamet has launched eighteen new detectable plastic products and ten new stainless steel products” explained James Chrismas “and we are very proud that our efforts have been recognised by the Hull and Humber Chamber”

The award was received on behalf of Detectamet by David Atkinson who was nominated for his leadership of the company’s successful sales department. “It was a wonderful occasion” David said “and to receive such a prestigious award has given us all a brilliant boost.”

This award follows Detectamet’s receiving Queen’s Award for Enterprise, which was presented to the company in recognition of its surging international trade figures. James adds, “It’s been an exceptional year for Detectamet and this local award is a super accolade for all our staff and give us the drive to continue to grow the business”.

Detectamet sells its products to over a hundred countries around the world and recently opened offices, manufacturing and distribution facilities in Richmond, Virginia in the USA.

New Food Safety Company Opens In Richmond VA

Detectamet Inc is now open for business

Detectamet opens its doors in Richmond Virginia

Detectamet opens its doors in Richmond Virginia

Today Maurice Jones the Virginia State Secretary of Commerce and Trade opened Detectamet Inc.’s new facilities in Richmond Virginia. It will provide the company’s American customers with a more efficient distribution service. The company brings 14 years’ of worldwide experience in helping food processing companies produce safer food.

The Detectamet brand is already internationally recognised for its excellent reputation as a prolific designer, manufacturer and distributor of detectable plastic tools and equipment that can be identified by metal and X-ray inspection machines. If these products break up in the food processing equipment it is possible for large or small pieces to be discovered and the contaminated product is then rejected before despatch. This reduces the risk that costly food recalls will have to be initiated.

“We want to provide our American customers with a more efficient access to the biggest range of detectable products in the world” said Sean Smith the company’s Chief Executive Officer “we already supply both multinational food brand producers and independent private label food producers.”

Detectamet Limited started in the UK 14 years ago and Richmond is its first International business base. “We have received a great deal of advice and support from the Greater Richmond Partnership and their staff has made our move smooth and quick to start servicing our US, Canadian and Mexican customers” said Angela Musson-Smith the company’s President. “Over the past three months we have invested in people and infrastructure so that our distribution and product handling is now up to speed”

Detectamet produces several thousand products that food producers need to help them satisfy the requirements of the auditors working to match the standards of the Global Food Safety Initiative. The use of these products is a clear indicator of a company’s positive food safety culture.

“The implementation of Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) is changing the focus of protecting the US food supply by preventing contamination not responding to it after it has happened.” said Sean. “Our products are intended to prevent contamination product reaching the customers and preventing the need for expensive recalls.”