Test Pieces

Calibrating Your Detection System – Detectamet Test Pieces

Prior to and after installation of a detection system, testing is essential before processing environments can be considered to be operating under detectable protection. Metal and X-ray detection systems are very accurate, high tech and high specification instruments and there are many variables to consider to ensure detectability.
Some of the most common system variables are:

• Type of food or product
• Size
• Density
• Packaging
• Type of metal in the contaminant
• Speed and orientation of the metal
• Detector settings
• Sensitivity and age of the machine

Please ensure your on-site technical manager is familiar with variables such as these before calibrating your detection system.

Detectamet manufacture a fantastic range of Metal & X-Ray detector test pieces to assist in calibrating detection systems. We can also manufacture bespoke test pieces for your individual requirements.

For more information, please visit our website: https://metal-detectable-products.com/metal-detector-test-pieces/

Face Mask Bracket designed to keep face mask away from user's mouth.

Detectable Face Mask Spacer

Here’s another Detectamet new product case study! A Canadian customer asked us to develop a detectable face mask ‘spacer’ – designed to sit under a face mask and push the mask away from the user’s mouth. This makes face coverings more comfortable to wear and also helps to reduce the amount of fogging in glasses / spectacles. Made from our unique, food safe detectable polymer, this product has been a great success for us already!

If you need a detectable product, please contact us as we are likely to have the capability to produce this for you.

Feature Image of Detectamet's Injection Moulding Team

Injection Moulding Investment at Detectamet

Detectamet, manufacturer and distributor of detectable products, have recently invested in a series of injection moulding machines of various sizes & capacities, with further machines in the pipeline for installation in 2021. Based in Pocklington, East Yorkshire, the injection moulding machines allow Detectamet to manufacture a wide range of products on site, such as their dispensers, detectable scoops and even their detectable pen range.

Sean Smith, CEO of Detectamet is excited by the new investment, saying: “Along with the creation of 9 new jobs to manage & service the new machinery (some of Detectamet’s injection moulding team pictured), the investment is a significant step forward for Detectamet in order to keep more operations in-house, reducing product lead time and enhancing the quality of our products. Detectamet are continuously committed to reducing foreign body contamination risks for our customers, and this is another great step in the right direction. In addition, this investment enhances our ability to manufacture bespoke projects for our global customer base.”

Detectamet’s Injection Moulding Manager Darren Burke, is delighted with the new operation, adding: “The team here have quickly settled in, got to grips with the new machinery, and managed the workload really well. We’re running these machines 24 hours a day Monday to Friday, massively increasing our manufacturing capability for our core products, whilst also developing bespoke products for specific customer requests. We’ve also introduced systems to reuse ‘waste’ material from each injection moulding cycle, in order to keep things as efficient as possible.”

Detectamet manufacture their detectable products in 9 vibrant colours, making colour-coding and traceability more achievable in a busy manufacturing environment. The polymer for their plastic products is food-contact safe, heat-resistant, metal detectable and X-ray visible, making it perfect for use in food manufacturing environments.

Earlier in the year, Detectamet opened their latest branch in Australia, and can now provide 24-hour customer support for their growing global customer base. For more information regarding Detectamet and their detectable product range, please visit: https://metal-detectable-products.com

Detectable Silicone Lanyard

Detectable Silicone Lanyard

We’re really pleased to launch our latest metal & X-ray detectable product – our fully detectable silicone lanyard – complete with break-away clasp and clip made from our detectable polymer. Our unique, detectable break-away clasp gives added safety and assurance for the user. Additionally, the detectable clip is perfect for attaching to a detectable card holder or detectable pen. Our detectable silicone lanyard comes as standard with a split ring and metal clip, allowing plenty of options for the user. The silicone lanyard is available in 5 colours. Please note that, as standard, the clasp & clip will match the colour of silicone strap selected.

For more information please visit our website: https://metal-detectable-products.com/detectable-silicone-lanyard.html

Detectable Wrist Strap

Detectable Silicone Wrist StrapHere’s a nice Friday case study: a US customer asked us if we manufacture any detectable wrist straps, as they’re looking for their workforce to attach a small flashlight to them.

We designed & manufactured this entire product (pictured below with our Elephant Stick Pen) in-house at our UK site and shipped samples back out to our customer in 7 working days!

We are constantly evolving and expanding our detectable product range. Please reach out to our friendly team if you don’t find the product you require on our website!


UK & Europe: sales@detectamet.com
USA: sales@us.detectamet.com
Canada: sales@detectamet.ca
Australia & Asia: sales@detectamet-products.com.au

Food Factories & Covid19

Food production facilities have, it seems, become something of a hotspot for Covid19 cases throughout the UK and overseas. Factors such as the difficulty in social distancing on production lines, the multiple shared contact points within a factory-environment, and the tendency to use shuttle buses between manufacturing sites have all allowed the virus to spread more easily. Additionally, food factories are often humid environments with limited fresh air circulation, and food factory workers have also complained about ill-fitting PPE equipment that may become dislodged after working on the production line and the necessary bodily movement this requires.

As a manufacturer of detectable safety products for the food industry, we encourage all our customers to ensure the safety and well-being of their staff is paramount. Additionally, our detectable products also help to ensure that consumers are protected, by reducing the risk of foreign body contamination. Over the last few weeks, we have developed a range of Covid19 related products to ensure staff are protected and feel safe in a food manufacturing setting. These products include detectable sanitiser holders, detectable face mask holders, detectable ear savers to keep face masks in position for factory workers, and detectable floor safety stickers to encourage social distancing in a factory wherever possible.

For more information regarding Detectamet and our Covid19 products, please visit our website: https://metal-detectable-products.com/

Detectamet Detectable Face Shield / Visor

After a highly successful launch with our detectable ear savers, Detectamet’s latest PPE product is a new detectable face shield / visor. Designed to enhance protection from airborne aerosol particles, this product has a notched Detectamet silicone strap and a Detectamet sponge for comfort. CEO of Detectamet Sean Smith added “we’ve diversified our already extensive PPE product offering over the last couple of months to ensure workers in the food and pharmaceutical industries can continue to work safely, despite the challenges brought by Covid19. We have launched a suite of new PPE products designed to minimise the risk to workers and their colleagues. We’re really pleased that our face shield / visor continues that theme and our specialist PPE development team are keen to find new ways to develop our metal and X-ray detectable PPE range.”

Plastic Ear Savers

Detectamet Detectable Reusable Ear Saver

Our latest venture into the PPE market is with our detectable reusable ear savers – designed to be attached to face masks. Created and tested in just 3 days, we responded to customer feedback that face masks can become uncomfortable wrapped around user’s ears after long periods of use.

Our CEO Sean Smith is delighted at the responsiveness of his production team, saying “reacting to an enquiry from a US-based customer, we were able to design, test and produce a metal and X-ray detectable reusable ear saver in just 3 days. Following the launch of this product last week, we’ve had a fantastic response from customers, with tens of thousands already sold, and we’re delighted to be able to offer products to key workers so they can more comfortably carry out their work”.

Available in 9 different colours, these ear savers can be effectively colour coded to enhance traceability in a factory environment. The ear savers are designed to allow the users face mask to be adjustable, ensuring a comfortable fit throughout their entire period of use. Detectamet can also create bespoke sizes (subject to a minimum order) to suit the requirements of the user(s).

New Starters at Detectamet

We are delighted to welcome three new starters to our ever-expanding team. Jevan (R&D), Mason (Sales) and Robert (Marketing) have all joined the company in the last month.

CEO of Detectamet Sean Smith welcomed the three new employees, saying “we’re delighted that Jevan, Mason and Robert have joined us. We’ve had a fantastic period of growth over the last couple of years and our three new starters will play a big part in supporting and growing our business, especially with our exiting new expansion into the Australasian market and our ever growing product range”.

Jevan is a research scientist. He completed his Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry at the University of Hull and subsequently, a PhD project aiming to design micro-imprinted polymers as a new way to treat / manage Acute Myeloid Leukemia. He then went on to the Centre for Human Reproductive Science at the University of Birmingham and the Birmingham Women’s Hospital aiming to make medical devices for the diagnosis and treatment for male factor infertility. At Detectamet, Jevan is now the R&D Technical Project Manager and is responsible for driving new innovation from concept to catalogue for all new products and for regulatory compliance.

Mason spent the last 6 ½ years with a well-known bathroom retailer throughout a number of sales / project based roles, latterly heading up the sales team as the Internal Trade Sales Manager, providing sanitary ware, homewares, safety and branded items to Tradespeople and B2B businesses alike. His new role as Sales Manager at Detectamet will include overseeing the sales department, working with the internal team to meet / exceed our business targets and ensuring they are maximising opportunities in any way possible, particularly as the organisation ventures into new markets.

Robert is a former global marketing student, who graduated from the University of York with an MSc in 2015. Since then, he has worked for a global healthcare provider as a Marketing & Communications intern in London, before working at the University of York in their commercial services marketing team. At Detectamet, Robert will work to grow the Detectamet brand and promote and advertise our services to customers and prospective customers.

Detectamet is the world’s leading producer and distributor of detectable tools and equipment used by the food and pharmaceutical industries. The company’s origins go back 17 years and it now has an inventory of more than 130 products with ranges developed to help reduce the risk of product contamination.

Detectmet staff are required to work as normal as they are a classed as an essential supplier supporting the food and pharmaceutical industries.

To learn more about the services we offer at Detectamet please visit: https://bit.ly/2XDc5AQ