Ring Binder Mechanism | 2, 3 & 4 Ring

Chrome Plated Ring Binder Rings

Chrome Plated Ring Binder Rings available with 2 Rings, 3 Rings or 4 Rings.

  • 2 Ring: length 130mm, 30mm diameter rings (code 316-P42-A30)
  • 2 Ring: length 130mm, 43mm diameter rings (code 316-P42-A31)
  • 3 Ring: length 277mm, 30mm diameter rings (code 316-P42-A32)
  • 3 Ring: length 277mm, 43mm diameter rings (code 316-P42-A33)
  • 4 Ring: length 290mm, 43mm diameter rings (code 316-P42-A34).

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