Detectamet’s New Metal Detectable Cleaning Cloth Reduces the Risk of Contamination

Metal Detectable Cleaning Cloth

Detectacloth is Detectamet’s new metal detectable cleaning cloth that can reduce the risk of product recall Consumers’ reaction to finding pieces of cleaning cloth in their food is certainly bad for food manufacturing and retailing brand owner who will face an… Continue Reading


Wall Mounted Detectable File Holder Increases Efficiency

Detectable File Holder

Wall Mounted Detectable File Holder Increases Efficiency The busy business in a food production facility needs every help it can find to make care and control as efficient as possible.  The new colour significant wall mountable detectable file holder from Detectamet is made from… Continue Reading


9 benefits of detectability within the food industry

Detectable Products

1. The extra benefits of detectability and scanning systems The installation of detection and scanning systems in the food and beverage industries offers more benefits than just finding stray metal contaminants before they injure consumers. The benefits of detectability also… Continue Reading