Detectamet’s New Metal Detectable Cleaning Cloth Reduces the Risk of Contamination

Detectacloth is Detectamet’s new metal detectable cleaning cloth that can reduce the risk of product recall

Metal Detectable Cleaning Cloth

Detectacloth® is Detectamet’s new metal detectable cleaning cloth that can reduce the risk of product recall

Consumers’ reaction to finding pieces of cleaning cloth in their food is certainly bad for food manufacturing and retailing brand owner who will face an expensive product recall bill.

Detectamet is now offering a new metal detectable cleaning cloth that will greatly reduce the chances of this happening. It is possible for a standard metal detector used in the food industry to identify this contamination and then reject the food before it leaves the factory.

The Detectacloth® is a highly absorbent dry wipe that can be used for a multitude of cleaning tasks in critical processing areas. This is where undetectable cloths could be lost or forgotten or carelessly discarded to await public cries of horror on discovery.

“I have been repeatedly asked for a product like this at exhibitions around the world” said Sean Smith Chairman of Detectamet Inc ”so it is good that we should be launching Detectacloth at the International Association for Food Protection today at the annual meeting in St Louis Missouri. The demand for test samples here in the USA has been exciting indicating a real need.”

Detectacloth® is the registered trademark for the new addition to the Detectamet range of detectable cleaning products. The 10 inch by 12 inch cloth is supplied in boxes of 100 and incorporates a blue indicator color within the base structure of the cloth.

It is possible to detect the material at the critical control point of metal detection which adds validity to a resilient HACCP management system.

It can be used as a wash down cloth, or as a drying towel and for wiping spills amongst many other tasks.

“If you detect a cleaning need then Detectacloth will do the job and reduce your company’s risks of food contamination.” Sean explained.” The Polymeric scrubbing surface creates a multi textured abrasion and absorption effect for efficient cleaning.”

“Not only does it help to mitigate the risk of foreign object contamination” he explained,” it’s also a very effective cleaning cloth”

A patent is pending on this unique product.


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