Food Factories & Covid19

Food production facilities have, it seems, become something of a hotspot for Covid19 cases throughout the UK and overseas. Factors such as the difficulty in social distancing on production lines, the multiple shared contact points within a factory-environment, and the tendency to use shuttle buses between manufacturing sites have all allowed the virus to spread more easily. Additionally, food factories are often humid environments with limited fresh air circulation, and food factory workers have also complained about ill-fitting PPE equipment that may become dislodged after working on the production line and the necessary bodily movement this requires.

As a manufacturer of detectable safety products for the food industry, we encourage all our customers to ensure the safety and well-being of their staff is paramount. Additionally, our detectable products also help to ensure that consumers are protected, by reducing the risk of foreign body contamination. Over the last few weeks, we have developed a range of Covid19 related products to ensure staff are protected and feel safe in a food manufacturing setting. These products include detectable sanitiser holders, detectable face mask holders, detectable ear savers to keep face masks in position for factory workers, and detectable floor safety stickers to encourage social distancing in a factory wherever possible.

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