Hygienic and Detectable Flour Scoop for Good Measure

Metal Detectable Food and Flour Scoop

Detectable Flour Scoop

Hygienic and Detectable Scoops for Good Measure

A brand new range of detectable flour scoop has been introduced by Detectamet for dispensing and measuring ingredients and finished products in the food industry. They are made from the company’s detectable high impact polypropylene and are available in three sizes of 250ml (8.8 fluid ounces), 500ml (17.6oz) and 1000ml (35.2oz). The design has been requested and approved by international customers.

This flour scoop has inner graduation marking for easy measurements when dispensing ingredients such as flour and sugar. The handle offers a sturdy, comfortable grip and with a hole for hanging and easy storage.

Each scoop has its size stamped on the handle for instant recognition and the flat bottoms allow them to safely sit flat on counter tops and tables and can be stacked easily when not in use.

The small scoop is marked in 50ml and in 2oz increments, the medium is marked in 100ml and in 3oz increments and the large scoop measures in 200ml and in 5oz increments.

The one piece manufacture means that these easy to clean scoops offer due diligence solutions to cleaning risks and the detectability greatly reduces the risk of product contamination when post production detection systems are installed.

The plastic has been approved for contact with food according to the requirements of the US and EU standards.


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