All Stainless Steel Knife

Detectamet’s All Stainless Steel Knife Raises Hygiene Standards

All Stainless Steel Knife

Detectamet’s all stainless steel retractable knife raises hygiene and safety standards

Detectamet is now offering a new retractable 100% stainless steel knife that is ideal for process areas where high hygiene standards are essential. This NSF© Certified Safety Knife uses an open-channel design for enhanced hygiene achieved by easy access for cleaning and draining. A self-retracting blade combined with a slip resistant handle optimizes worker safety.

Contamination risks are reduced when using this all steel metal detectable product and the blades can be replaced easily without the need to use a separate tool. The knife has a lanyard attachment point and is ideal for cutting through light to heavy duty materials such as: Cardboard, Plastic Bags and Pouches, Stretch Wrap, Film, Foil and Plastic Strapping.

The sturdy steel construction offers a long life of safe use

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