Wall Mounted Detectable File Holder Increases Efficiency

Wall Mounted Detectable File Holder Increases Efficiency

Detectable File Holder

The right colour for the right use creates a place for everything and the chance to be efficient, tidy and reduce the risk of contamination.

The busy business in a food production facility needs every help it can find to make care and control as efficient as possible.  The new colour significant wall mountable detectable file holder from Detectamet is made from the company’s metal and X-ray detectable plastic.  They can be ordered in all nine colours to suit general or special colour recognition schemes.

The new A4 and A5 size detectable file holder will hold the specific clip board sizes and files ready for use in a handy location.  Choose from nine colour options to create terraces of significant ‘homes’ for specific files and clip boards.

Match clipboard colour to wall pocket colours.  Label or we can laser-etch the front of your pocket panels and reduce confusion. These Pockets are made from a food grade detectable plastic that is very tough and resilient and can be relied on to endure the rigors of pressure cleaning and buffeting in a challenging food processing environment.

Sizes to fit A5 and A4 equipment in a portrait or landscape orientation, the tough, light weight structure has pre-drilled screw mounting points and the lean-out design allows practical terracing layout up the wall.

The tough and durable material is easy to clean and is virtually unbreakable. Careful and consistent production ensures an even distribution of detectable qualities throughout the product.   “Customers have already begun to order numbers of different colours to suite their own needs.”  CEO Sean Smith explained. “The days of that crazy jumble of clipboards on the technical manager’s desk are numbered” he explained. “Red Boards in red pockets, or boards with blue clips in blue pockets.  A place for everything and everything in its place”


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