Big Bag Sealer Clip Reseals at -50°C

Detectable Plastic Bag Sealer & Clip

Detectable Bag Sealer

Big bag clip survives storage at -50°C

Detectamet has introduced a fully detectable straight bag sealer designed to re-seal large bags or sacks used in the food industry. This simple and effective clip is made from a plastic that can be found by the standard metal detectors or X-ray machines used by modern food producers to protect their customers from accidental contamination.

The plastic meets the requirement of EU and US regulations for food contact, and it will continue to do its job at temperatures as low as -50°C / -58°F. This means that sacks or large bags of product or partly used ingredients can be stored in a deep freeze facility with less risk of the seal failing.

The dark blue bag sealer is 362mm (145/16”) long with a sealing length of 320mm (12½”)



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