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Detectable Wrist Strap

Detectable Silicone Wrist StrapHere’s a nice Friday case study: a US customer asked us if we manufacture any detectable wrist straps, as they’re looking for their workforce to attach a small flashlight to them.

We designed & manufactured this entire product (pictured below with our Elephant Stick Pen) in-house at our UK site and shipped samples back out to our customer in 7 working days!

We are constantly evolving and expanding our detectable product range. Please reach out to our friendly team if you don’t find the product you require on our website!

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Tag with Sequential Numbering

Sequential Numbering and Own Branding

Suitable for inclusion in your traceability systems to help create an audit trail that can be used as part of HACCP. If you can trace the source of the contamination, you can reduce the risk of it happening again!

Sequential numbering gives you complete traceability and is particularly important if production presents higher risks, making it even more important to eliminate any type of contamination.

Our laser engraving service adds sequential numbers onto your products. This allows you to record products issued to staff at the start of a shift, check against that record at the end of the shift and if a missing tool is discovered, investigate its whereabouts immediately.

How about branding your detectable products using our cost effective pad printer?

Pad printing offers superior quality one and two colour print on 3D irregular, curved and textured objects, making it perfect for our products.

Where pad printing and laser engraving are not appropriate – due to the product – we can print your logos at point of manufacture, e.g. keyhole tags, test pieces. Ask a member of our team for advice.

We’re always happy to talk about bespoke products and will always try our best to find a solution.

Detectamet office in Canada

Detectamet Detectable Products expand into Canada

As demand for food safety increases globally, Detectamet, the global leader in metal detectable and X-Ray visible products for the food processing industry, is now expanding into Canada.

“After four successful years in the US, operating out of Richmond, VA, we have identified Canada as the next phase in our global expansion plan,” says Helen Morrison, Group Managing Director.

“Canadian sales have grown to account for a significant contribution of the US turnover, and with a heavy food manufacturing presence in Canada, it makes sense to open a site there, so we can service the market more effectively.

“This will also allow our US side to concentrate on growth in their core market, allowing for a more efficient sales and supply chain for the rest of the North, Central and Southern American continents.”

Leo Wild is Detectamet Canada’s Sales Manager and having previously worked at their head office in the UK he has plenty of experience in the food safety industry.

“Food safety is of global paramount importance and we continue to educate the food industry in how to avoid unnecessary foreign body contamination risks,” says Leo.

“All our products are developed with this in mind, and we offer a wide range of detectable products for use in food processing environments, from stationery through to handling equipment, knives, PPE and engineering products. Our customers know we are the one-stop shop for detectable products.”

Detectamet’s sales and distribution centre, based in Ottawa, will open its doors on 1st April and you’ll be able to meet up with Detectamet Inc at Food Safety Toronto on 2nd and 3rd April, and SIAL Canada, in Toronto, 30th April – 2nd May.

For further details please contact,

Handheld Thermometer in Red

Detectable Food Industry Temperature Probe – Detectamet leading the way in preventing foreign body contamination

Detectamet have long been viewed as pioneers in food safety and their new innovative detectable temperature probe shows they are still at the forefront of this industry.

Made from Detectamet’s unique detectable polymer, it’s both metal detectable and X-Ray visible, ensuring you continue to minimise your risk of foreign body contamination within the guidelines of your HACCP plan.

With a patent pending, this digital food temperature probe is the first detectable thermometer on the market. The smooth, durable surface makes it easy to keep hygienically clean and its wide measuring range makes it suitable for all food, storage and equipment checks.

It can also be stored in a wall mountable detectable holder, allowing you to have a probe at each crucial stage in the food production and storage process.

“Within the tight confines of the food safety industry, companies cannot be confident that raw materials, storage (fridge, freezers, hot hold areas etc.), ovens, cooked dishes etc. are all within safe limits without the use of an accurate food temperature probe,” says Leo Wild, Detectamet’s sales manager.

“With the introduction of new measures in BRC Version 8, it’s imperative your employees know how to perform food probe checks. It’s also an ideal time to review current practices and update your HACCP plan, if required,” continues Leo.

“All the different processes needed to create the finished food product require different temperatures. Under BRC, senior management have the responsibility to ensure their employees know what these different temperatures are, equip them with the correct thermometer to measure, and build in testing and maintenance to ensure the probe is working correctly.

“Storing, freezing, thawing, cooking and serving food all present inherent risks for bacterial contamination and our new food probe is an easy way to ensure these threats are minimised.”

Not only are Detectamet’s products detectable (and available in a range of visible colours) but are also made out materials that are compliant with European and other global standards for food contact use.

For more information – Detectable digital temperature probeDetectable probe holder

Award winning Pocklington based detection equipment manufacturer, Detectamet, appoint Group Marketing Manager

After 15 years of exponential growth, the market leader in detectable products for the food and pharmaceutical industries, has appointed a Group Marketing Manager to further strengthen their international team.

“We’ve seen a phenomenal growth in demand for our products, ” says Helen Morrison, Detectamet’s Group Managing Director, “and with this appointment, we can now focus on strengthening our global position. The last fifteen years have been about growing the company and we have achieved remarkable success to date, but by creating this position we can now move the company into its next phase of growth.

“Our new Group Marketing Manager, Hellen Tordoff, has a wealth of business 2 business marketing experience, bringing much needed skills to the team.”

Detectamet Achieves International Recognition for Occupational Health and Safety in the Workplace

Detectamet is proud to be one of the first companies in the detectable food safety industry to receive international recognition for occupational health and safety (OH&S), by gaining the new ISO 45001:2018 standard.

ISO 45001 is the world’s first International Standard for OH&S, published in March 2018. It provides a framework to increase safety, reduce workplace risks and enhance health and well-being at work, enabling an organisation to proactively improve its OH&S performance.

Safety is at the core of the Detectamet business and by achieving this standard it highlights to our partners both domestically and internationally that Detectamet is a reputable pioneering force in food safety.

Helen Morrison, Group Managing Director commented, ‘A safe and healthy work place is key to Detectamet’s success.  The framework used in ISO 45001 addresses concerns that can lead to long-term health issues and absence from work, as well as those that give rise to accidents, therefore enhancing staff morale. Our aim is to create a culture where employees are encouraged to take an active role from identifying and avoiding risks to promoting and protecting mental health, enabling us provide the best products and service in the industry.’

Notes to editor:

Established in 2003, Detectamet Limited’s key focus is the design, manufacture and supply of x-ray and metal detectable products, bringing both tried and tested concepts to the marketplace and continually developing new and innovative solutions. This allows Detectamet to offer the largest and most comprehensive range of detectable products available, giving all of its customers a greater opportunity to reduce the risk of foreign body contamination.

For further information, please contact Leo Wild, Sales Manager. Tel: +44 (0)1759 304200, email

Detectamet’s Detectable Natural Rubber Gloves are Sensitive to Food Industry Needs

Detectamet’s new metal detectable natural rubber gloves are made from powder free natural rubber and produced so that they are easy to put on and take off. They offer a higher level of sensitivity and the anti-slip patterned finish provides a good grip in wet and dry conditions. They are designed for safe use in Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Manufacturing industries and comply with FDA and EU regulations for safe contact with food.

“We have been asked by food producers for gloves that fit like a second skin and will be comfortable to wear for long periods” said James Farmer Detectamet’s head of global marketing and sales “Our new detectable rubber gloves will do exactly that, and we have already received positive feedback from our customers who have tried samples”

The metal detectability reduces the risk of contaminated products reaching the consumer and the bright blue colour makes them highly visible if lost in the process area.

These left /right specific gloves offer superior durability and strength and have a higher resistance to tearing with a specification for a 0.45mm thickness. Five sizes are supplied in packs of a dozen pairs, or they can be bought as boxes of 120 pairs.

Extra benefits are derived from the bacteriostatic and fungistatic additives that are intended to prevent the growth of microbial contaminants. The low level of soluble proteins reduces the risk of negative skin response.

Celebrating 15 years in Business

From its ‘under the stairs’ start-up in 2003 Pocklington company Detectamet has outgrown three premises and moved last year into its fourth home, Prospect House, on the Pocklington Industrial Estate.

The company helps food manufacturers and pharmaceutical businesses to reduce the risk of food contamination by manufacturing and distributing more than 350 products that are made from metal detectable and X-ray visible plastics.

Sean Smith, Detectamet’s Chairman, said “When the company was launched from our 3 square metre East Yorkshire office I could not have imagined that I would eventually be needing premises of 3000 sq. metres in the UK and 1300sq. metres in the USA.”

In 2015 Detectamet Inc opened in the USA near the city of Richmond, Virginia. From its offices and large warehouse, it services all North and South America with the full range of products made and supplied from Pocklington.

“Our staff have found it very useful to learn from each other’s expertise, and short exchange trips have occurred with some of our UK staff making their way to the Richmond office to offer help and advice and their US counterparts come over to the UK to offer their unique experience.” Sean explained.

When asked what Detectamet might be doing in the next 15 years, Sean thought that was too far in the future. Over the next five years he revealed that the company had plans to open offices in other countries where the desire to improve food safety was attracting even more food processing customers to the need for detectable plastic tools and materials.

Detectamet’s All Stainless Steel Knife Raises Hygiene Standards

Detectamet is now offering a new retractable 100% stainless steel knife that is ideal for process areas where high hygiene standards are essential. This NSF© Certified Safety Knife uses an open-channel design for enhanced hygiene achieved by easy access for cleaning and draining. A self-retracting blade combined with a slip resistant handle optimizes worker safety.

Contamination risks are reduced when using this all steel metal detectable product and the blades can be replaced easily without the need to use a separate tool. The knife has a lanyard attachment point and is ideal for cutting through light to heavy duty materials such as: Cardboard, Plastic Bags and Pouches, Stretch Wrap, Film, Foil and Plastic Strapping.

The sturdy steel construction offers a long life of safe use

New One Piece Fine Marker Reduces Food Contamination Risks

Detectamet’s new Fine Tip Marker Pens halve the chances of food contamination. They retract the nib to reduce ink drying and there is no loose cap to be lost in the food being processed. Made from detectable plastics that can be identified and rejected by standard automated inspection systems this retractable pen offers double protection to food processing businesses.

The design is based on the same world patented housing design of Detectamet’s popular broad tip Retractable Marker. A unique clam shell opens to expose the fibre nib to write. With one more click the tip is safely retracted and sealed to avoid drying ink.

This design helps to solve the challenge of physical contamination in food and drink processing where plastic contamination can trigger expensive product recalls.

It is proven to be robust, non-toxic and detectable by metal detection and X-ray inspection systems. The ink can write on a wide range of materials including board, metal, plastic paper and glass. The marker is made in Detectamet’s food contrasting blue plastic with a choice of four permanent inks – red, blue, green or black.

“Many of the users of our popular dual detectable marker pens have asked us if we can supply fine tip markers for writing on things like our detectable keyhole tags” said Leo Wild Detectamet’s Sales Manager

“One customer told me she liked the way our markers could write on most surfaces ‘when Detectamet says it’s permanent it really is.’ was how she put it”