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Detectamet Reduces Food Contamination Risks with New Cover for Big Food Storage Bins

The new metal detectable Big Bin Cover from Detectamet can protect harvested crops, in-process food and ingredients in large bins. These big detectable multi-covers will stretch over dimensions from 60cm x 50cm (24”x 20”) up to 2.2m x 1.75 m (86” x 68”).

For several years Detectamet has successfully sold its range of detectable Eurobin covers and the opening of Detectamet Inc in the USA has stimulated a wider range of new similar products.

“The world needs bigger and better detectable bin covers for food process protection. “ says  Detectamet’s Sales Manager Leo Wild “We applied our Eurobin experience to make a bigger cover and research has already revealed that there will be many more uses.”

These big covers protect the food in larger bins and can protect ‘just cleaned’ bins leaving the cleaning machines, and fixed machinery during cleaning or maintenance. If it accidentally drops into the process, pieces can be found by standard metal detectors.

Priced as disposable the detectable polythene covers are strong, resilient and food safe, and could be cleaned and sterilised for re-use. Blue is the standard colour with 9 alternative colours and alternative sizes available subject to quantity. They are supplied 6 bags to a box and 5 covers per bag.